6 accessories toddlers must have this winter



Winter always presents a challenge to parents with small children when it comes to dressing their children. They have to dress the child according to the weather outside. Between the rain, sleet, cold frigid weather, snow, blizzards it complicates matters for parents trying to decide how to keep their children warm. But parents must remember that layering their clothes is a must in the winter, according the American Association of Pediatrics(AAP). You must start with a base layer that consists of a basic t-shirt or thermal shirt, add another shirt on top and finish with a sweater or vest. This layering in the winter time is a necessity because heat is trapped in between each layer  thus keeping the child nice and warm.


Also parents need to watch for the temperature outside. If the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit children should not go outside. If there is a negative 13 degree below 0 Fahrenheit children should be kept inside.


Once they are ready to go outside they should have their coats and proper footwear. There are accessories that parents ca add to the child’s wardrobe.


These are 6 accessories your child cannot live without in the winter


  1. Earmuffs

Earmuffs was invented by a young man named Chester Greenwood in the 1800’s He created this by placing fur over his ears and connecting a wire to hold both ends together to keep ears warm.

Earmuffs have other important uses for children other than keeping their little ears warm. They can help keep moisture away from their ears which might cause them pain and discomfort.


Number 2, in the winter time there is less blood circulating in their bodies so moisture tends to get trapped in their ears creating an environment for frequent ear infections. This increases the frequency that the child may see a pediatrician and be prescribed antibiotics or other medications to relieve the infection.


Now living in the 21st century, there are many variety, textures, and colors for earmuffs to make it fun to wear for your children. There are cartoon characters, different textures like wool, suede, fake fur. They even created a new kind of earmuffs where there is no head band, you just slide the material to cover their ears.


Earmuffs can be added to a hat or beanie to provide extra warmth in extremely frigid weather. Small children lose a lot of heat in the head so having that hat with earmuffs will keep the top of their heads warm.


  1. Beanie

According to the Oxford dictionary bean was a slang word for head. The purpose of a beanie for a toddler is to keep their heads warm, dry, cover and keep ears warm, prevent hypothermia and frostbite.


A large percentage of heat is lost in the head especially if the child has little or no hair. So this is a very important and necessary accessory for a small child’s well-being in the winter.


Beanies can be very fashionable for toddlers. They are created in different colors and textures to make a great winter accessory for children.


  1. Glove and mittens

This is another accessory that is necessary for toddlers in the winter. They protect them from exposure to wind and cold. Gloves and mittens keep children’s little hands and fingers warm. Gloves keep the child safer in the playground because they are able to girp better and might prevent accident and falls. Mittens decrease fine motor skill and in a playground may increase accidents because they cannot grip and object if they would if they have gloves.


But since toddlers have a hard time regulating their temperature and are not able to tell if they feel their body cold, mittens might be better. Mittens provide better warmth for a child’s fingers. This occurs because mittens keep fingers together trapping heat inside the mitten. Gloves keep the fingers separated keeping less heat inside.


  1. Scarves

Scarves are a very trendy accessory. But many moms today do not like using scarves because of the strangulation risk involved. Especially scarves with fringes and loose ends have been known to get trapped in playground equipment and strangle children.


Many moms are steering away from scarves and now prefer neck warmers They keep the toddlers neck warm and is also a very trendy accessory.


  1. Socks

Socks are an interesting accessory, especially for toddlers. Small children also lose heat through their feet so it is important that they wear socks. You should not put just any type of socks on toddlers because not every type of sock can keep a child warm during the winter. You should have them wear socks make of wool, fleece or synthetic material that will keep the child warm having excellent insulating properties. If the socks do get wet the child’s body heat should dry them out so they will not be wet for long.


  1. Boots

Footwear is important for toddlers in the winter. They should not wear just anything. They need boots to maneuver in the cold and winter elements. Gone are the days when I was a child that I had to put a plastic bag over my socks to keep my feet dry. Boots have come a long way. They are now comfortable so they can move around, multilayer, waterproof and durable.  Remember kids like to run around play in the snow,so comfort and durability are key.

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  • Rebecca

    Yes! My daughter has a Corgi and she has to walk it outside no matter what the weather is like, so having the proper gear is essential! Great suggestions, especially boots!

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