Can you spoil a newborn baby?


                                    Can you spoil a newborn baby?


There are many myths out there that  have been said during the years about babies. One of them is that if you hold a baby for too long you will spoil them. According to experts who specialize in Child development they say you can never hold a baby for too long. In a matter of  fact holding a baby has many lasting effects.


The moment a baby is born they should be showered and touched with a moms touch. This can be accomplished through touching and skin to skin contact.


90% of a child’s brain develops before the age of five. So lasting effects on the brain when the baby is held close to a caregiver is that  there become smarter. Studies have shown that their brain develops more when they are shown constant love and hugs.


Hugging a child puts them at a better position to be breastfed. This makes the mom and child have a better experience with breastfeeding which has many benefits of its own. The benefits of breastfeeding is mother passes important antibodies that help the baby fight off diseases, It is a bonding experience with mom, lowers the risk of SIDS by half.


Even medical staff encourage parents who have babies in NICU(neonatal intensive care unit)  to touch their babies as a form of treatment for the newborn.


Newborn cry because they need something. They are unable to express this with language so they cry. They want to be held, fed and comforted.


They are telling you

I am hungry

I need a diaper change

I want to play

Please hold me I want to feel safe


This is a basic needs for any human being. When you respond to their cry there is a need that is being met. They will become more secure and confident so they will trust the caregiver Meeting their needs shows the baby you are trustworthy, nurturing and reliable. They will be confident in exploring their world and boundaries once they can trust their parents or caregiver.


There was a study at a European orphanage that  had medical staff  not to have no contact with the newborns and infants at the facility. They only came around when the babies needed to be fed and they only propped the bottle so they can be fed.

These children ended up later in life with developmental, cognitive and behavior issues. Also delayed motor skills


There is even a condition where children who lacked that physical contact by parents, caregivers, or any human being stopped growing. This is called failure to thrive.


Usually the  condition became better when the child was introduced to hugs, kisses and love.





Twenty seconds of hugging an infant

  1. Makes them smarter
  2. They sleep better
  3. Hugs help newborn regulate their body temperature
  4. Improved circulation


A study showed that when infants received additional 20 minutes of tactile stimulation for several weeks often scored higher in developmental assessments.


Hugging can help an older child by reducing their stress.


Hugging helps an older child to self regulate and be more resilient.


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