Covid-19 and what parents need to know?

Covid-19 and what parents need to know?


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What is the Covid-19, the coronavirus?

 Coronavirus is a family of virus that is common in animals and people. It was originally discovered in the 1930’s when domesticated chickens developed acute respiratory infection caused  by bronchitis.

The Coronavirus was first discovered in humans in the 1960’s.There are six species of human coronaviruses. There are four human coronavirus which produce symptoms that are mild. But there are three which are potentially severe and even fatal.


  1. MERS-CoV also known as Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus
  2. SARS-CoV Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus
  3. SARS-CoV-2 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2


This Covid-19 is a newly discovered coronavirus previously not seen in humans. Beng that it is new to humans there is no pre-existing immunity against this new virus. It is called Covid-19 because





19- the year the disease presented itself.


This virus is also known as SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19


It is called this because of the sphere shaped and the look of a corona surrounding the virus when observed with a microscope.


Where did it originate?

Scientist believe that the first cluster of this disease started in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China. This is a city in China with the population of 11 million. It started around December 2019 with a outbreak of pneumonia which was later traced back to a novel strain of coronavirus, Covid-19. Where this disease originated  in China, they  confirmed that there were over 80,000 confirmed cases with over 3,000 deaths. Now as of April 2020 it is a pandemic around the world, a medical emergency Covid-19  has resulted in over 800,000 deaths worldwide.


SARS and MERS are coronavirus which originated in bats. There are many theories going around about how Covid-19 originated from. From being created in the lab or Covid-19  was spread by people working at a food market shopping or working at seafood markets and dealing with live animals.

How is it spread?


Covid-19 is spread through person to person after having close contact with someone who had the virus.


 If a person coughs, sneezed they release droplets in the air that eventually falls on the ground or surface. A person comes and touches the surface then touches their face where the coronavirus enters nose or mouth.


What are the symptoms of the Covid-19?


The people who contact the coronavirus(Covid-19) report having symptoms from mild to severe. Others who are infected notice no symptoms at all. But according to Web MD website 1 out of 6 will experience trouble breathing even go into respiratory distress caused by Covid-19.

They receive symptoms 2-14 days after exposure.

Common symptoms of Covid-19



A dry cough

Loss of appetite

Body aches

Shortness of breath

Mucus or phlegm

Sore throat



Loss of taste or smell

Stuffy nose



Please call a doctor or go to a hospital immediately if you experience any of these Covid-19 symptoms.

Trouble breathing

Pain or pressure in chest

Blue lips


How can I reduce my risk of contracting Covid-19?

1. Wash your hands regularly

2. Practice social distancing. Remain 6ft from another person

3.  Practice shelter in place. Staying home as much as possible helps stop the spread of the virus

4. Everyone should be wearing a face mask that covers mouth and nose when they travel outside.

How long does Covid-19 stay on a surface?

Metal          3-5 days .                                   (Doorknobs, silverware)

Wood.         4 days.                                        Furniture

Plastic.         2-3 days                                                    (Packaging bottles, container)     

Stainless steel.        2-3 days .                   (Refrigerator, Pots and pans)

Cardboard.                24 hours

Copper .                      4 hours .                  (Pennies, cookware)

Air .                              3 hours

Aluminum.                  2-8 hours .               (Soda,tinfoil)

Glass.                          5 days.                    (Drinking glass, mirrors, windows)

Paper.                          5 days

Covid-19 and pregnancy

These may be scary times especially if you are pregnant. This is so because being pregnant already increases your risk of certain infections like infections from the same family as the coronavirus like Covid-19, resporatory infections like influenza

How can pregnant women protect themselves? 

1. wash your hands with soap and water especially after coming from outside, using the bathroom, sneezing coughing. Using and carrying around an alcohol based hand sanitizer will also help

2. Avoid anyone who is sick or has been infected with the virus.

3. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose

4. Clean and disenfect surface areas in your house

5.the CDC (Center of Disease) wants everyone to wear a mask when you go out

6. Stay home as much as possible. You should only go out to the grocery store to get food, pharmacy to get medication and doctor appointment.

As for mother to child transmission it is too early to tell if a mother can transmit Covid-19 to their fetus or newborn. There have been cases where newborns have contracted Covid-19 after they were born. But it is hard to determine if they were born with the disease or were were infected by someone who already had the disease.

Also Covid-19 has not been detected in amniotic fluid and breast milk.

But if you do become infected with Covid-19 doctors recommend you pump your milk till you are cleared from the disease.

Children  and Covid-19

Even though children only make 5 percent of the patients diagnosed with the illness in the United States, we still have to make sure that they are protected from getting this disease

1. They must practice handwashing. They need to wash their hand for 20 seconds, the recommended time the CDC says we should wash our hands.

2. Practice social distancing. Kids should keep 6ft. away from each other.

3. Make sure parents clean all surfaces children are around and clean their toys regularly.

Hope you enjoyed and learned from this blog post. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask your doctor. And remember K.i.D Clothes wants you to stay safe stay home to stop the spread.

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