Is your child ready to get dressed by themselves?

Getting dressed is a major developmental and emotional milestone for toddlers. This activity is their first sign of independence as they learn to dress themselves without the assistance  of their parents or guardians.

Learning to dress themselves gives them confidence, builds strength as they continue to practice, increases their range of motion , increases  their memory and body awareness.

This necessary milestone in their lives is an activity they need for everyday daily living. Parents will feel elated when their child starts dressing themselves. It will probably make the household run more efficiently and saves time for the parent or caregiver.

What skill are needed to help a child dress themselves?

Gross motor skills- The large muscles of arms and legs are needed to pull a shirt over their heads, pull their pants up and balance as they put on their shoes and socks.

Fine motor skills- The ability to use smaller muscles of their hands to fasten buttons and zippers

Cognitive skill- This deals with the ability to understand the order that the clothes are put on. For example the socks go before the shoes and the shirt goes on before the jacket. It also involves knowing what clothes go on during what season. You wear shorts in the summer. A hat, scarf and mittens in the cold weather most likely in the winter.

By the age of 18 months children show some interest in dressing themselves. The first sign is that they start undressing themselves. It can be removing their jacket, kicking off their shoes, and removing their socks. You might experience this first with them because removing clothes is a lot  simpler for a toddler to do. It requires less coordination.

By the age of two children can

*remove shoes that have no laces

*help push down pants

*take off coats that are not buttoned or unfastened

*take off coats that are not buttoned or unfastened

*Pull down elastic pants with elastic waists

*take off and put on socks 

By three years old

*put on a t shirt correctly

*Unbutton large buttons

*start learning to put on shoes on their feet

*start learning to zip and unzip certain clothes

By four years old

*buckle belts

*buckle shoes

*zip up their jackets

*step into pants and pull them up

*thread a belt through buckles

By kindergarten age they should be able to dress themselves without supervision

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