T-shirts or onesie. Which ones do mom prefer?

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Many moms and especially new moms who just delivered ask this question. Which one is better for the newborn baby and the mom who dress the child.

 T-shirts are a staple in baby's wardrobe. It is simple and not complicated. It can be worn in a variety of styles and colors. There are usually no snaps or zippers so it makes it easy to put on.

1. T shirts for newborns can be worn underneath clothes during the cooler months to keep baby warm.

2. Many moms prefer the simplicity of a t-shirt at night being that it has no snaps or buttons.

On the other hand onesies have their own features and benefits that make life easier for mom.

K.I.D Clothes onesie1. Onesies will never ride up like shirts do. Every time a shirt rides up it exposes the belly. There are times you do not want this to happen especially when the baby still has their umbillical atrached to them. The possibility of the shirt pulling or tugging the umbilical can cause harm to the newborn.

2. The snap crotch at the bottom of onesie makes it easy access for a diaper change.

3. Their is a purpose for a onesie. After a major leak all you have to do is pull down the onesie instead of up for a more sanitary outfit change.

4. A onesie prevents the baby from reaching into a soiled diaper

Many moms do complain that the onesie cuts off acess to the back so they can do a diaper check to make sure there babies are clean,

Onesies are made for children past a year old. There are companies. that make them up to 24 months.

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  • Kaelynn

    I love onesies! Very versatile. I love that I can put my baby in just a onesie during the hot summer months, or later it under another outfit when it’s cold. Plus they are so cute.

  • Kaitlyn

    I have 4 kids and i’m all about the onesies! I like that they don’t ride up and they contain a blowout at least a little bit 🤣.

  • Bharti

    It is really helpful for newly mothers.. Because many of the mothers get confused how they dress up the new born baby to make them comfortable

  • Clarice

    Totally agree with you.
    Onesies have both its advantages and they’re equally important in a baby’s wardrobe.

    Thank you so much for sharing this helpful and practical post. Just shared this with my group of FTMs. Great insights in case they haven’t realized the importance of onesies. :)

  • Liz Santos

    Soo cute! I am not yet a mom, but as many moms – I preferred a single shirt, without snaps or buttons. I just have the feeling that my baby would be more comfortable with it.. like in any position there will be no any hard or shaped objects that will go against his/her skin.

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