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Many new mom's love the experience of shopping for new baby clothes. According to the U.S Department of agriculture middle income parents will spend on average about $12,000 dollars. Parents will spend about $60 dollars on baby clothes.  This amount of money spent on newborns depends on the size of the household, and household income. Parents will spend less if they are lower income and possible more if they are middle and higher income. Parents know that providing clothing for their newborn is a necessity. Today’s parents are faced with so many choices white t-shirts, colored t-shirts, onesies, blankets, bibs pants dresses, different colors different styles, ect…They love the layettes, first home outfits, the outfits they choose for their baby pictures and so much more. But eventually they will outgrew their baby clothes. FAST. Babies will outgrow of their 0-3 month clothes and 3-6 months clothes . Also newborns gain about 5-7 ounces a month and grew and about an inch a month.


Here are 10 things you can do with baby clothes that you do not need anymore.


  1. Create a memory box. A memory box is a box filled with clothes that you do not want to part with. It usually contains the first clothes the baby ever wore. Special occasion outfits. But there are other items that you can include in a memory box. There is the baby’s hospital wrist band, a baby’s first toy, like a teddy bear, baby’s first shoe, a letter written from mom and dad, blanket and favorite book, pictures, the list can go on. You can add on to the box as the child grows in age. For example adding their first book. A memory box is the best way to save a baby’s life memory.
  2. Here are the top things you should put in a baby’s memory box
    • First tooth
    • Lock of hair
    • The ultrasound pictures
    • First outfit they wore coming home from the hospital
    • Hospital wristband
    • Their first blanket
    • First pair of shoes
    • Footprints of their newborn
    • A letter or recorded message from parents, grandparents, family members
    • First toy
    • 2. Go through all the clothes that your child may not fit or need anymore. Separate the clothes from being in good condition okay condition and terrible condition.Any clothes that are not stained or have holes in them can be used to sell them. You have an option to drop the clothes off at a consignment shop and let them sell the clothes for a cut of the profits. There are sites like EBAy that you can sell the clothes. You can also use social media. There are many facebook groups that sell baby clothes. Facebook  is not the only social network you can use.  There is Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and the list continues and grows everyday.
    • Also available is online consignment stores. This is the same  as a regular consignment store but online. Remember there are fees and rules for using these services. You have to look for each platform to see what are their rules and regulations for selling and buying on their platform.  If you have more than baby clothes you can hold your own yard sale. You may not get a good price on the items because everyone is looking for a bargain at a yard sale but at least you did not have to carry clothes to a shop and it is a way to get rid of clothes.
    • 3.You can donate clothes to families in need. Many people right now are struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have lost their jobs permanently or temporarily during the shelter in place and if there is a family that just increased the size of their household, they most likely will need clothes for the new addition. There are charities that will accept clothes and other items. Places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill are two places to start. You can also donate to a daycare center or hospital. Maternity ward is a good place to start. Also family shelters always accept donations. These places are always open for receiving donations. Always call ahead to see what exactly they are looking for at the moment and see if you are able to bring them what you plan to donate.

    • 4. Hand me down. If you come from a big family then family members are always having babies and increasing their household size. Who would not love having extra clothes that they did not have to purchase? You can even save it for baby number too. Imagine all the money you can save if you keep the first baby clothes. This can also go for any other baby item, for example crib, high chair

        1. 5.Another alternative to reusing your old baby clothes is to take out your sewing machine and create something that maybe your toddler can wear or preserve as a memory. This lets your imagination run wild while you create a keepsake that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

        1. Right now one of the most popular items to wear unfortunely is a face mask because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


        There are shortages of masks even in the healthcare setting. The CDC now recommends for everyone  to have their mouths and nose covered to prevent being infected with the corona virus.


        But you can create and use old baby clothes like onesies or blankets to create your own face mask to protect yourself when you go outside to the grocery store, doctor’s appointment, ect.



        You tube offers many tutorials on how to make your own face mask. All you need is a sewing machine,and some sewing materials and you can create a face mask to protect you being infected with the virus.

         6. You can become creative and create a ribbon block toy. You can fill the toy up with onesies and old tshirts. The Onesies and tshirts and blankets can be the soft filler for the toy.This would be a nice soft toy for your child. It can also be used when the child starts teething and give them relief.


        Other toys you can create is a teddy bear, other animal stuffed dolls. You can also cut the fabric in alphabet letters and numbers to start teaching the baby how to recognize the alphabet and numbers. You can also create something that can be used as a household item. A pillow made out of baby blankets or an tablecloth made out of all the clothes your baby does not need anymore.




  1. You might have clothes that are so stained, has holes in them that you cannot donate or even hand them down to a friend or family member. Since this kind of shirt is not a good choice for donation or even to give as a hand me down you can always use an old tshirt, onesie or blanket as a rag to clean surfaces, windows tables. You can save money on replacing the rags you would buy with these old shirts that the baby cannot fit in anymore.
  2. You can use old baby clothes to make clothes for a pet dog. You alter or make modifications from the  baby clothes to fit a small dog like dresses and sweaters. All you need is scissors, fabric, sewing machine and the social engine Pinterest to create cute adorable outfits for your pets.


  1. You can also create a memory quilt. This is a wonderful way to preserve any precious clothes you want to keep. This is something that you can get crafty and passionate with because you have a interest in this quilt coming out just the way you want it because it is your child’s memories. You can use t-shirts, onesies, blankets. You can look for great tutorials on how to make a memory quilt on You Tube and lets not forget Pinterest.
  1. Http://eepurl.com/gleQzH
  2. Frame the outfits. You can frame a baby’s first outfit out of the hospital, or first photography session ect. The list can go one. You can keep them in the nursery as part of the décor of the nursery. Eventually you may have to store them till maybe when they become parents. And when they become parents they can give it as a gift to their children when they become parents. Hence it gets passed on. This is a great keepsake that can be handed on from generation to generation.


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  • Stephani Shepherd

    Great tips! I am thinking of creating a memory pillow for my kids with their clothes. And no lie, I just made a mask for my son from an old shirt just yesterday! You are so creative.

  • Cassandra

    Great tips on what to do with old baby clothes. Babies grow so fast! A lot of my kids’ clothes are barely used. We love giving/receiving hand me downs with friends and cousins.

  • Marie

    Great ideas!! I will Def some of these!

  • Aman Banwait

    These are great ideas for new moms and mothers to be.
    Will definitely come back to this site when I have to think about a baby shower present.
    Thanks so much for the informative information.

  • Victoria

    This is a great post! Children grow out of clothes so quickly, these are great tips to use and reuse all the clothes.

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