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K.I.D Clothes About Page

K.I.D Clothes is an online children boutique that creates unique baby clothes for newborns, infants and toddlers. K.I.D Çlothes wants everyone to know we are more than clothes. K.I.D is an acronym for knowledge, information and direction. While putting on the cutest clothes on your child, we will empower you the  mom with baby care information so you can deliver the best care for your child through clothes.

What make K.I.D Clothes different?

K.I.D Clothes will create cute baby clothes for the child while providing baby care information and placing it directly on our product. We are more than clothes. K.I.D Clothes provides a connection between mom and child and we do it through clothes.

What will K.I.D Clothes offer?

K.I.D Clothes will offer clothing for newborns, infants and toddlers. We will speciaize in providing quality comfort and fashion through newborn onesies for boys and girls. We will also provide t-shirts, blankets and hats. Our clothing will be fashionable and educational at the same time.

How was K.I.D Clothes created?

The founder of K.I.D Clothes was working on another clothing line when she had to put her dream of owning a children clothine line aside when her son was diagnosed with autism. Now she needed to educate herself on providing the best care for her child. Once she was able to eventually return back to her clothing line, she wanted to create something different. Her desire to educate, provide parenting tips and milestones was strong. This combination of fashion and education makes our clothing line different. We unite mom and child through education and fashion.


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